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The Guelph Royals are a baseball team based in the downtown of Guelph, Ontario and are a member of the Southern-Ontario-based Intercountry Baseball League. The Royals are an iconic symbol of Guelph pride. The club was founded in 1861 as the Guelph Maple Leafs, and after winning the "Canadian Silver Ball Championship" three times between 1869 and 1872, went on to become world semi-professional champions in 1874, and hold brief membership in the International Association for Professional Base Ball Players during the 1877 season, rivalling National League teams. In 1919, they joined the Intercounty Baseball League, and underwent a series of name changes (the Guelph-Waterloo Royals in 1954; the Guelph Plymouths in 1957; the Guelph Merchants in 1958; the Guelph Royals in 1962; the Guelph CJOYs in 1964) before being officially renamed the "Royals". From 1861 to 1925, the team divided its home games between various ballparks in the city, before the construction of a stadium in Exhibition Park led them to permanently play there. In 1986, they moved into a new stadium, David E. Hastings Stadium, also in Exhibition Park. They currently hold nine Intercounty championships. 
-excerpt from wikipedia